30 years of Schmeissner GmbH - With safety from Thuringia

"Not only in these very changeable (...) times, 30 years is a most remarkable period of time and a special sign of operational continuity," writes Joachim Uhlig, management consultant, in his greeting to the anniversary. We look back on turbulent years. Beginning with a hopeful but arduous start at the beginning of the 1990s and the many worries and fears of an ever-possible failure. The many small steps, which were taken by 3 employees over the years, starting on 50 square meters, lead today to a company, which is regionally anchored, supported by more than 40 dedicated employees, and sells throughout Europe.

Our VdS certified products are not only developed in Hermsdorf, but also produced by hand and controlled for highest quality. The focus of our work is always the customer with his questions and wishes. So that we in the business field for the protection and monitoring of art objects already work on new, trend-setting solutions, in order to constantly develop our authority in this and other areas and to consider so new possibilities of the protection.

As an owner-managed family business in its second generation, we would like to thank you, our customers and partners, for 30 years of trust, which has been and remains the foundation of all cooperation in times of global uncertainties, shortage of skilled labor as well as supply chain and material bottlenecks.

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Protector 04/2020

Invisibly monitor and protect art treasures with optimal sensor technology.

An article by Uwe Schmeißner (Managing Director of Schmeissner GmbH)